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Reducing cost with Digital Phone Systems
Hybrid Digital/Analog PBX Systems are the way to save money on communication costs
By: Cas Mollien
Last modified on: 08 July 2008, 6:10h

Let's say you have a business with 10 incoming lines. The number actually does not matter, but let's assume 10. The costs for such a setup is not something to easily overlook:
A basic PBX system that can handle this will cost $5000, plus phones, installation and configuration. And oh yeah, not to mention the costs if you need to expand: speciality expansion cards can be expensive enough to justify replacing the whole PBX!

Enter the open source community. For a couple of years, a company called Digium has been fabricating hardware for telecommunications use. To further advance their hardware, they have decided to create an open source PBX system that can be downloaded freely of the internet to be used on regular PC hardware. The name of this PBX:


Over the past years, Asterisk has grown to be a fully functional PBX system with all functions that a 'regular' PBX has; from voicemail and music-on-hold to voice response systems and waiting queues.

An Asterisk server can be deployed as the main PBX, or as a gateway to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which is attached to your current PBX. This would eliminate the cost of replacing your current hardware.

... to be continued ...

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