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My Thumbdrive
Programs I carry with me every day...
By: Cas Mollien
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Everybody has -by now- heard of USB drives. They may just be the true replacement for floppy disks, now that they are so well-supported in recent operating systems such as Windows 2000/XP, Linux and MacOS (just to name a few).

A couple of years ago I bought myself a 256Mb, USB2 Jumpdrive Pro from Lexar. It has been dangeling on my keychain for over a year, containing nothing but some pictures, and was used to copy files efficiently if a network was not present.

After reading some threads on websites, describing what people do with their 'pendrives', I decided to do some more research and carry a number of apps that will help me when I am at other peoples computers. For trouble-shooting, virus-scanning or just regular computer use.

What I love about most tools is that they are generally freeware and do not have to be installed. This means that I can run then from the pendrive and when I am done, there is nothing that needs to be uninstalled from the foreign computer.

The following list is what I have installed on my pendrive, first some special mentions, then the smaller files list:

Name: XAMPPLite
Size: 52Mb
Installer: No
Use: A complete freeware AMP environment (Apache/MySQL/PHP) for website development. Updates itself after being plugged in to another computer for the right drive name.

Name: FileZilla
Size: 11Mb
Installer: No
Use: Freeware FTP Client

Name: HAPEdit
Size: 2.6Mb
Installer: No
Use: Freeware PHP Editor

Name: PHP Manual
Size: 10Mb
Installer: No
Use: CHM-file of the PHP Reference Manual

Name: Portable Firefox
Size: 9Mb
Installer: No
Use: Fortable Firefox browser, with portable bookmarks

Many other small programs remain:
H:\Admin Tools\putty.exe
H:\Admin Tools\pscp.exe
H:\Admin Tools\psftp.exe
H:\Admin Tools\plink.exe
H:\Admin Tools\winscp371.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Miranda IM\dbtool.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Miranda IM\miranda32.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Diagnostics\Aida32\aida32.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Diagnostics\Port Scanners\netscan.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Diagnostics\Port Scanners\NeoMonitor.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Diagnostics\Port Scanners\netstat-dump.cmd
H:\Admin Tools\Diagnostics\Port Scanners\LPS\LPS.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Diagnostics\Port Scanners\StatLite\lite.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Diagnostics\Port Scanners\epdump\epdump.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Diagnostics\Unknown Devices\UnknownDevices.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Diagnostics\DiskInfo\DISKINFO.EXE
H:\Admin Tools\Diagnostics\DiskInfo\diskinfo.bat
H:\Admin Tools\Diagnostics\Startup\StartupControlPanel.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Diagnostics\Startup\StartupList.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Passwd Mgr\PINs.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Virus Removal Tools\FixSasser.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Virus Removal Tools\stinger.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Virus Removal Tools\MicrosoftAntiSpywareInstall.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Virus Removal Tools\Antivirus\avg70free_308a468.exe
H:\Admin Tools\System\Sygate Personal Firewall.exe
H:\Admin Tools\System\Outpost Firewall Install.exe
H:\Admin Tools\System\driveuse.exe
H:\Admin Tools\System\dizzy.exe
H:\Admin Tools\System\Zip-RAR\winimp32.exe
H:\Admin Tools\System\File Recovery\Unstoppable Copier\Unstopcp.exe
H:\Admin Tools\System\File Recovery\CD Check\CDCheck.exe
H:\Admin Tools\System\File Recovery\RecoverMyFiles\RecoverMyFiles-Setup.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Wireless\netstumblerinstaller_0_4_0.exe
H:\Admin Tools\PPC\PocketDivXEncoder_0.3.50.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Notes\treepad.exe
H:\Admin Tools\Diax\diax.exe


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Terug naar Mollien Dot Net

Terug naar Mollien Dot Net

Terug naar Mollien Dot Net
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