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IRC Commands
Commands that will make your IRC head spin!
By: Cas Mollien
Last modified on:

But seriously, IRC is a great place to be. Especially command line clients can be daunting. This cheatsheet covers some basic commands that will surely get you on the way:

How to join/part a channel
/join #warleagues
/part #warleagues

** A channel is the same as a chat-room. If a channel is key protected you will need to know the correct key to join that channel. Example.

/join #channel

How to send someone a personal message
** This will work even if you're not in the same channel as the one you are trying to message

Personal message without opening a chat window

Personal message and opening a chat window

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Terug naar Mollien Dot Net

Terug naar Mollien Dot Net

Terug naar Mollien Dot Net
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