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Linux System Administration Toolkit
Some of the programs in my toolkit
By: Cas Mollien
Last modified on: 07 August 2009, 3:16h

lineak - Make the media keys on your keyboard work
xbindkeys - Custom keymappings for X-windows
wmctrl - Control properties of windows manager applications (minimize, maximize, bring to front, etc..)
screen - Multiple window manager for command line
pmount - Mount drives as a regular user
ivman - Ikke's Volume Manager, is a daemon to handle the mounting of media as they are inserted/attached to the system
yakuake - Quake-like pull-down terminal
wavemon - Console based 802.11 monitor

nethogs - Shows which programs use the most bandwidth
trickle - Limit bandwidth for certain processes

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Terug naar Mollien Dot Net

Terug naar Mollien Dot Net

Terug naar Mollien Dot Net
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