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Default Linux tools
The tools that I install when I do a fresh Linux installation
By: Cas Mollien
Last modified on: 18 October 2008, 19:22h

I love Linux. Love the modularity, the extensibility and the configurability. I have written a number of small scripts that use certain tools and I am using a number of programs every day to make my life easier. Therefore, when I perform a fresh install of Linux on a workstation (servers don't need all of the programs), I install a number of packages immediately.

For your information, my base distribution of choice is Kubuntu, but most of the packages are available in repos for other distributions as well.

After the install, I first do a full update of packages (aptitude update && aptitude safe-upgrade) and I install the proper video driver, usually through the 'Hardware Drivers Manager'. I know that these are proprietary drivers and that the HDM does not always have the latest version, but I am not a gamer, so -frankly- they're good enough for me.

After my triple-head is configured properly, the fun begins.

Openbox Window Manager
aptitude install openbox openbox-themes obconf
I use OpenBox as my window manager. I am a keyboard jockey and Openbox makes it fantastically simple to assign shortcuts to just about anything.

Other tools
aptitude install yakuake wmctrl vim bluetooth xdialog xtrlock kate-plugins
Yakuake - A nice, Quake style popup terminal window
wmctrl - Controls window attributes from the command line
vim - The extended VI editor (the full package)
bluetooth - Bluetooth command line utilities
xdialog - Dialog box builder for X11
xtrlock - An X11 screen lock utility (I use this in combination with bluetooth and my phone to automatically lock my workstation when I am away from my desk)
kate-plugins - Plugins for the Kate text editor

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Terug naar Mollien Dot Net

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