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Using a multimedia keyboard with lineakd
When you have a Linux distribution that does not support the 'multimedia keys' from your keyboard out-of-the-box, try using the Linux package lineakd.

This package will allow you to re-define keys on your keyboard, including the multimedia keys. The good part is that it starts as a Linux deamon, so shortcuts will work even without a gui. Ofcourse, when a gui-app is mapped to a key and it is requested in console mode, the app will not start.......

To change the master volume instread of the volume of your player application, download the lineak plugins (Debian/KDE: lineak-kdeplugins) and set the keymappings to the macros used in these plugins:

To start the deamon in the background, type (at a command window):

You can add that line to your $HOME/.xinitrc ($Home/.xsession in Debian) as well to start as soon as your X session starts on boot.
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Terug naar Mollien Dot Net

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