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Getting distinctive ring to work
Here in South Florida, our local telco offers a service called Ringmaster. Ringmaster allows a user to get up to 3 phone numbers (DID's, short for Direct Inward Dial numbers) on 1 analog line. Each number uses a distinctive ring to tell the subscriber what number is called.

This means, that when you have opted for 3 numbers, each number will ring with a different ring sequence. These sequences vary per country and telco.

Asterisk is able to recognize the distinctive ring patterns and route a call for a specific DID to a specific context in the dialplan.

Each ring sequence consists of a range of 3 digit numbers, describing the ring length and pauses. To find these sequence numbers and configure your Trixbox to use them, do the following:

1) Add the following line to your zaptel configuration in /etc/asterisk/zapata-auto.conf, right below the signalling entry of your card:

2) reload your configs. In the config editor, click on 'reload configs' or in the asterisk interface, type 'reload'

3) Log on to your asterisk machine using SSH and give the following command:

You will see something show up looking like this:
Detected ring pattern: 298,0,0

4) Now dial the other number(s) and note these dial patterns as well.

Now that we know the dial patterns, we can enter them into our zapata-auto.conf file. For your information, these are the patters that apply to me (they may not apply to you, though):

5) Under the 'usedistinctiveringselection=yes' line from step 1, add the following:

Obviously, use the ring patterns you have found before instead of mine and make sure that the contexts for the ring patterns exist. Don't forget to reload your configs after editting!

**Update Mar 15, 2010**

In order to intercept the calls properly and set routing in FreePBX, edit the 'extensions_custom.conf' and add the following for each custom context you just created:

Replace with the DID as you want to intercept it for routing within FreePBX.
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