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Logitech MX5000 wireless desktop
The Logitech MX5000 wireless desktop is a bluetooth keyboard (MX5000) and mouse (MX1000) combo that has some monor issues running under Linux. The issue stems from the bluetooth connection. Every time the computer restarts, you have to unplug the dongle and plug it back in, in order to get the keyboard and mouse to work.

To understand why this is happening, you first have to know that the USB dongle that comes with the devices, can operate in RF (Radio Frequency) mode OR in Bluetooth mode. When the computer boots, it detects the bluetooth dongle and starts bluetooth, but the keyboard and mouse are not automatically paired.

By unplugging the dongle, it resets itself to RF mode, after which the keyboard and mouse work.

The solution to this issue is to auto-register the keyboard and mouse as bluetooth devices, so they get automatically connected at machine startup.

To achieve this, look on the bottom of the mouse and keyboard to find the MAC address of each. Once you have found them, edit the bluetooth configuration file and add the following lines:

sudo vi /etc/default/bluetooth

Add the following lines (use the MAC addresses found on the back of your devices to replace the ones with the xx-es):

HIDD_OPTIONS="-i hci0 --connect 00:07:61:xx:xx:xx --connect 00:07:61:xx:xx:xx --master --server"

This dongle does not support HCI, so if you have the following line, make sure it is set to '0':

Now, press the red button on the bottom of the mouse and keyboard to get them into 'visible' mode. Scan for the devices and they should be automatically connected:
sudo hidd -s

On more recent versions of Ubuntu, make sure you have the bluez-compat package installed in order to get the 'hidd' tool.

Note: It seems that you have to connect manually once in order to re-connect devices between reboots.
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