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Linux in a Windows World
cifs: vfs server not responding - error message at shutdown
** Problem persists in 9.04 **

In recent versions of Ubuntu, a bug was introduced that stops the shutdown process and waits for a timeout before continuing. The timeout it is waiting for, is for each mounted CIFS (Samba) share on the system.

The issue is introduced because the networking component is shut down before the umount of the CIFS shares takes place. This is an obvious issue, because without a network, there is not much to umount.

The solution is simply changing the order of the rc.0 (shutdown) and rc.6 (reboot) directories. For each directory, do the following:

Check if you have the wpa-ifupdown and the files (prepended with a number) by performing:

ls -alF /etc/rc0.d
ls -alF /etc/rc6.d

By default, the names are:

Now, just make sure that the script is ran before the wpa-ifupdown script by changing the name to something lower then S15:

sudo mv /etc/rc0.d/ /etc/rc0.d/
sudo mv /etc/rc6.d/ /etc/rc6.d/

Problem solved!
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